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WhatsApp Business API Pricing .

Learn how to use the WhatsApp Business solution, grow conversations, reduce pressure on customer service and minimise friction on the path to purchase.

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The API creates four ways to connect with your customers.

User-Initiated Conversations
- Service Conversations
New Whatsapp features
Business-Initiated Conversations
- Marketing conversations
- Utility conversations
- Authentication conversations


WhatsApp API conversations fall into four categories that are priced differently

WhatsApp Monthly Subscription
Euros 39/month
Authentication Conversations
Euros 0.0200/ per conversation
Utility Conversations
Euros 0.0220/ per conversation
Marketing Conversations
Euros 0.0380/ per conversation
Service Conversations
Euros 0.0170 /per conversation
Marketing Conversations
Euros 0,0380 /per conversation
Utility Conversations
Euros 0,0220 /per conversation
Authentication Conversations
Euros 0,0200 /per conversation
Service Conversations
Euros 0.0170/ per conversation

:: Service Conversations :: Any user-initiated conversation, such as to resolve a customer inquiry.

:: Marketing Conversations :: Business-initiated conversations customers have opted into that may that include promotions or offers, and informational updates (e.g back-in stock alerts, any invitations for customers to respond or take action). A marketing conversation is any conversation that does not qualify as utility or authentication.  

:: Utility Conversations :: Business-initiated conversations customers have opted into facilitating a specific, agreed upon request or transaction, or update to a customer about an ongoing transaction (e.g post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements).

:: Authentication Conversations :: Business-initiated conversations customers have opted into enabling businesses to authenticate users with one-time passwords (OTP), potentially at multiple steps in the login process (e.g., account verification and account recovery notifications).

Messages Per Second
Monthly Fee
320 mps
R 55 980
160 mps
R 27 980
80 mps
R 13 980
40 mps
R 6980

:: Free Tier Conversation :: The first 1000 conversations each month are free. This way your business can build experiences your customers will love before having to pay. Each WhatsApp Business account ( WABA ) will receive 1000 free conversations per month. These conversations can either be user or business-initiated. Even if a WABA has multiple users attached, the free tier is provided at the WABA level. The free tier threshold is still 1000 as the free tier provided at the WABA level. The free tier is refreshed monthly based on the timezone associated with the WABA.


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