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Close the Data Gap with Integrations

GotBot Ai offers a single dashboard for multiple platforms that are integrated with your current data sources.
Having worked with some of the world's leading CRM, and ERP providers.

Connect. Automate. Deliver.

An API (Application Programming Interface) connection or integration allows data to automatically be pulled from and written to other data sources. 


Any information that is available over an API can be used to build a response that is passed onto the user. 

Think about it like this;

  • Account specific information & user validation

  • Communication with Google Sheet databases

  • Google Maps API for relevant location services

  • Submission of leads to a custom or public CRM

Want to know how Integration can work for your business?

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Automate processes

Connect APIs for end-to-end process automation.

Around 60% of an agents time is spent searching through backend systems. Free up your agents by connecting your APIs to automate common actions, like checking order statuses, downloading receipts and password resets.

GotBot Intergration
Integration API
GotBot product browse

Product Search

Let your customers browse your products directly in chat.

Connect GotBot Ai to your product catalogue to find products and guide buying decisions right when your customers want it most. Generate automated sales 24/7 or loop in your sales reps to close the deal.


Agent Handover

Handoff complex cases and sales opportunities to agents seamlessly.

GotBot Ai integrates into your existing CRM/ERP/Call centre software. The GotBot Ai platform helps understand when a customer service agent is needed and loops them in with ease. Keep customer experiences exceptional, with seamless agent handoffs for key customer requests.

Agent Handover
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