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Enable your Financial Agent.

Improve your overall workflow, customer retention and profits, while also minimising human error. 
The use of chatbots in the banking industry is set to save up to $7.3 billion worldwide by 2023.
Which equates to 862 million hours of work. 

GotBot Ai is,


We use sophisticated programming and infrastructure to ensure our platform is reliable. GotBot operates using machine-learning technology and allows for a human to take over at any time during a conversation.


GotBot Ai can easily be integrated within your business to execute tasks such as opening new bank accounts, retrieval of statements and onboarding new clients. Freeing up agent’s tasks for more complex projects. 

Secure & Compliant


As banking deals with sensitive data, GotBot Ai offers sophisticated technology that complies with GDPR, POPIA and also integrates with a centralised authentication system for added security.


Our bots are machine learning and adapt to understanding human speech, making it easy for customers to connect and relay information, without feeling like they’re talking to a bot.


One dashboard. Multiple platforms. GotBot Ai can be integrated across your communication channels while syncing all information onto one dashboard for monitoring, streamlining and executing your service.


GotBot Ai has extensive reporting modules that cover the vast majority of the functions within the platform. Customised reporting is also a major value add for clients and businesses alike.

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Benefits of GotBot Ai in the Financial Sector 

  • Improved customer support 

  • Give financial advice 

  • Enhanced security 

  • Cross-selling of products 

  • Facilitating internal needs

Enhanced Security

As the GotBot Ai platform is used by a multitude of Banks, we have a sharp focus on the security and infrastructure. Complying with ISO27001 and AWS Best Practice standards gives our customers peace of mind.

Give financial advice

Through analysing existing data and spending habits, chatbots can notify users of excessive spending and recommend alternative plans and budgeting.

Cross-selling of products

Using data already stored and intelligent routing, the bot can automatically promote specific products to users, in line with their income and other data available.

Improved Customer Support

Your chatbot is available to assist and even onboard customers 24/7, freeing up your agent’s time to take on difficult queries that require the human touch.

Facilitating Internal Needs

Staff can now rely on the bot for internal queries or even complex back-office operations like employee onboarding and staff training. This helps improve productivity in house .

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Usage Stats in the Financial Sector 

GotBot Ai is agnostic to all the below channels. Giving you the ability to adopt an In-app chat for your Native application, Webchat on your website and automation to all of your social media channels.

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